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An introduction from Kees

Koolen Industries started in 2019 with the goal of making clean energy affordable, attainable, and available for everyone. 2022 has given us even more reasons to deliver on our mission. Uncertainty if fossil fuels will be available at all, combined with volatile prices gave a boost to the demand for our clean tech solutions. At the same time, the grid faces challenges because of the fast growth of clean energy generation. With our group, we deliver solutions to many of those challenges for our clients. This year I saw the shift from talking about green energy technology to actually taking action and delivering solutions.

Some discuss if the energy transition will happen. But to me, it is clear the energy transition is happening. After spending over 100 years building the fossil world, we are now starting an era where we will build a new clean world. The opportunities have no limits!

I’m proud that as a group of more than 750 people we not only delivered sustainable energy solutions totaling more than €100M in turnover but also secured the financing, technology, and expertise to shift up a gear in the years to come. We will not rest on the success, but continue and speed up to do what we do best: commit to our customers, focus on entrepreneurship and deliver reliable solutions to drive the energy transition.

That’s how I believe we can create a clean energy future for everyone.

Image by Vishwas Katti

Towards a clean energy future


A year in review

About Koolen Industries

At Koolen Industries, we look toward the future with optimism and confidence. Today, we take action to create a more sustainable, liveable tomorrow that is packed with opportunities for people and businesses alike. A bright future for 10 billion people on earth, powered by affordable, attainable, and available clean energy.

Founded in 2019 by entrepreneur and investor Kees Koolen with the goal of realising the rapid transition to clean, renewable energy, Koolen Industries has shares in more than 25 leading organisations within the clean energy industry. From generation to application, and beyond.

In the next 5 years, Koolen Industries has the ambitious plan to become the leading provider of full-service clean energy solutions through our innovative ‘one-stop-shop’ model.




Today, Koolen Industries has invested more than €130M into promising companies that are working towards a clean, green future for everyone.



In 2022, the Koolen Industries group delivered a record-breaking amount of solutions that cut emissions and accelerate the energy transition every day.



People are what makes the energy transition a reality, and the fastest-growing company in the group has expanded its team by 5000% in just the last 12 months.



With speed being at the essence, the highest achiever in the group has delivered clean energy solutions that increased their turnover by 10x.


Founding year


Group companies


Group employees


Active countries

A word from COO Ynte de Vries

The energy transition is a people-powered change, and we’re proud that more and more talents join us to make an impact. Together with new team members like Marlien, Ahmed, Robert, and the people in our group companies, we pushed forward key projects that not only enable emissions reductions today but will also inspire organizations to invest in smarter, more sustainable solutions tomorrow. From a 20MWp agri-solar park to delivering the complete energy system for the future of logistics hubs - we’re working on all fronts of the energy transition.

As a team, we spend much of our time actively facilitating synergies and collaborations between group companies so that the clean energy solutions we provide for customers are integrated, reliable and affordable. In 2022, these efforts have paid off. We saw group companies winning milestone projects together, co-developing award-winning solutions, and sharing key expertise on a daily basis to help customers in the best way.


I’m proud of every single team member’s accomplishments during the last 12 months. Looking forward to 2023!

Image by Filip Zrnzević

New to the group

This year, three innovative organizations joined the Koolen Industries group, each one with a strong focus on the future of mobility.

Integrated EV charging solutions

Digital Parking Platform

Smart Charging Software

New to the group


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Our companies

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