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Part 3:

Our future

At Koolen Industries, we look toward the future with optimism and confidence. But we’re also acutely aware of the alarming impacts that climate change is already having on people all over the planet. Especially this year, we have also seen how uncertain supply and high energy costs drastically impact the day-to-day of large parts of society.


This is all the more reason to take action today, because only together can we make the clean energy transition a reality. Our mission is to make clean energy affordable, attainable, and available for everyone. And whether you start small or go all in, we hope you join us in the journey toward a clean energy future.


Join the group

We’re growing quickly and our many companies in the group have more than 100 exciting positions available, all contributing towards the energy transition in one way or another. Whether you are an engineer, a marketing professional, an administrators or a technical expert, we likely have an open vacancy for you. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, send us an open application.


Decarbonize your home

In The Netherlands, a person’s energy use in their home makes up 19% of their personal CO2 footprint on average. So if you have the financial means to take action in these uncertain times, this is a great place to start. Several of our group companies are developing brilliant solutions that make saving energy and going green easy.


Power your business with clean energy

By the day, the business case for choosing a modern, clean energy system for your company is getting more compelling. There’s no better time to get started than now. Whether you experience problems accessing a stable grid connection, have a charging challenge for electric cars and trucks, or you would like to reduce your energy expenses and lower your dependency on gas - Koolen Industries has a solution for you.


The Koolen Industries team are a collaborative, connected group with the shared goal of realising the rapid transition to clean, renewable energy. We are committed to helping companies both small and large in their journey to more sustainable operations and are experts at taking the guesswork out of the equation for those who want to lead the change.

Last but not least!

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Resources to get you started

Explore online solar options

Get started online with modern solar panels from BonGo solar.

Visit a solar store

Visit one of BeSolar’s stores for in-person solar advice.

Heat your home without gas

Go for a modern, emission-free heating system with Greeniuz.

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