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Part 2:

Our companies

From milestone customer projects to significant funding announcements, 2022 has been an action-packed year for Koolen Industries and our group companies. The teams advanced new technologies, formed key collaborations, and scaled market-ready solutions with one shared goal: Clean energy for everyone. In this section, you’ll discover the highlights from each of our 25+ group companies.

Clean Energy Generation

With rising energy prices and insecure supply, the business case for local, renewable energy generation is becoming more compelling by the day. In 2022, our group companies working on energy generation have delivered more installations than ever, helping households and businesses participate in the energy transition.

Koolen Solar Projects delivers 12k+ solar panels for landmark real estate project

Koolen Solar Projects has delivered what might have been their biggest project yet, an impressive rooftop installation of more than 12000 panels. The solar roof forms an integrated part of the client's overall energy system, where complementing hardware and software solutions have been delivered by other group companies.

BeSolar more than doubles store count to 12 locations

Continuing their rapid growth path, BeSolar has opened 7 new stores that customers can visit for first-hand, personal advice on solar power installations. With the ever-increasing amount of panel technologies and online vendors, their in-person support model helps people make the right choice for them.

BonGo Solar futureproofs organization & structure amidst strong growth

During 2022, the online solar specialist BonGo Solar set up the teams & organizational structures to enable even stronger growth the coming years, installing more solutions in more locations.

NovaVolt doubles installation volume and delivers on growth plans

In a year where energy security and prices have been in the spotlight, NovaVolt managed to stay focused and deliver on their growth plans, doubling their installation volume of new solar panels.

Agri-solar park Nijmegen reaches financial close for 20MWp installation

At Koolen Industries, we go beyond investing in companies. When we see an opportunity, we take matters into our own hands. We’re excited to have reached the financial close for a 20 MWp agri-solar park that Koolen Industries will develop in the lead role, to be operational at the end of 2023.

Clean Mobility

Vehicle-to-grid technology and electric truck charging have made their debut to the market this year, accelerating the advance of electric vehicles. In 2022, the mobility group has demonstrated how smart transportation can play a key role at mitigating net congestion and more.

Super B signs key partnership with RV maker Hobby

The industry-leading Lithium batteries from Super B now also make their way into the extensive range of RV’s from Hobby, one of the largest camper & caravan makers in Europe. Fully integrated with the HobbyConnect app, customers can monitor their battery status right from their phones.

Proton Ventures closes deal for large-scale Green Hydrogen Pilot facility in Morocco

Together with a group of partners, Proton Ventures formalized the plans and financing to construct a green ammonia production unit in Morocco with a capacity of 4 tonnes per day. The installation is intended as a worldwide reference unit, preparing larger industrial projects.

DENS successfully launches standalone Powerhub battery

Known for their emission-free Hydrozine generators, DENS has launched a new series of standalone industrial battery systems, called Powerhub. Within just a couple of months, the team has already taken in orders for a total capacity of a staggering 10MWh.

SmartGrid reaches €18M in new order volume

Founded only 3 years ago, the team at SmartGrid has scaled up from technical development to closing 18M in new orders in seemingly no time. Their popular 500kWh battery system is setting new standards for energy storage throughout the most diverse applications.

Elestor secures €30M funding from key investors

The team behind Elestor develops systems for large-scale energy storage. And with €30M of new capital from an oversubscribed investor round, Elestor will accelerate the commercialisation of their solution to cut the cost of energy storage beyond anything possible today.

GreenBattery powers emission-free construction with rental battery and solar

Combining a 50kVA rental battery with an onsite 5kW solar roof, GreenBattery supports construction firm Sier’s ambition to build emission-free, even at locations without any grid connection.

Kraftblock wins landmark project for decarbonizing PepsiCo factory

The thermal energy specialists from Kraftblock will enable an impressive emissions reduction by 98% at PepsiCo’s factory in the north of The Netherlands. Their heat storage technology will allow integration of renewable sources and ultimately replace 4.5 million cubic meters of gas consumption annually.

Clean Energy Storage

From electric batteries to thermal storage and green ammonia pilots, emerging technologies developed in the group are maturing and making their way to the market. In 2022, our storage solution providers have hit record levels of new orders and closed partnerships for large-scale projects to be developed the coming years.

ParkBee unlocks 130 new locations in Belgium

Through a partnership with BePark in Belgium, ParkBee has added 130 locations to their intuitive city parking solution in one fell swoop, reclaiming space in the cities and improving access to EV charging stations in public spaces.

Floading to supply charging infrastructure & EMS for 50+ city busses in Belgium

Floading will deliver charging infrastructure and a complete energy management system for emission-free operation of 50+ electric city busses in Belgium. Daily operations will be optimized with fellow group company Ampcontrol’s smart charging software.

We Drive Solar and Hyundai realise the world’s first bidirectional city

Hyundai and We Drive Solar have put in place a worlds-first solution that combines solar panels, vehicle-2-grid chargers and V2G-ready cars, powering 2530 homes in the district of Cartesius in Utrecht. In a bi-directional network, EV’s supply power back to the households during peak energy hours.

Hardt Hyperloop opens interactive hyperloop Experience Center in Rotterdam

Scaling up their team and technology development, Hardt Hyperloop has moved to a new site in Rotterdam that combines both their headquarters as well as an interactive, engaging hyperloop Experience Center.

BRIGHTBLU scores deal to deliver smart chargers for JoulePoint's nationwide network

Supporting the advance of EV’s in India, BRIGHTBLU will deliver charging solutions for JoulePoint’s nationwide network of modern EV solutions. The company will install a significant amount of BrightBlu’s smart AC chargers as an integral part of their coverage.

Digital Platforms

New energy infrastructure works best when it’s connected and we’ve seen the impact of digital solutions like never before. In 2022, our platform businesses have shown the value of technology for increasing utilization of existing infrastructure and reducing investment needs.

Skoon helps improve living conditions for Ukranian families

Through their energy equipment rental marketplace, Skoon has supported the Dutch city of Tiel through providing a hybrid, battery-powered electricity supply to improve temporary housing conditions for 15 Ukrainian families. Their solution minimizes noise and local air pollution.

Ampcontrol demonstrates 45% energy savings with their software

While electricity grids become strained and the growing number of EV’s require more and more power, Ampcontrol has demonstrated that their smart charging software could deliver an impressive 45% of energy savings for their client Revel’s fleet.

Sympower grabs €25M growth funding for their flex capacity platform

Following a series of key project deliverables, Sympower announced a €25M growth funding series to expand their flex capacity software, helping grid operators and major energy consumers balance networks and improve capacity utilization.

Deftpower onboards 70k EV drivers with Norwegian Elbil

In partnership with Norwegian e-car association Elbil, Deftpower onboards 70,000 new users to their whitelabel charging software for a completely customized, branded charging experience.

In-house Engineering and Manufacturing

The engineering and manufacturing firm NieuweWeme delivers the key production work for many solutions that are developed in the group. And they do this extremely well, enabling their customers to book success with NieuweWeme-built products. In 2022, they’ve exceeded their own ambitions, doubling their staff base and growing into a recognizable regional employer. Not stopping there, NieuweWeme is currently hiring more than 50 new team members to support their rapid growth in building the hardware solutions to realize the energy transition.

NieuweWeme delivers charging innovation at scale

In 2022, NieuweWeme has delivered many innovative solutions that supercharge the role an electric vehicle can play in the broader energy system. Together with We Drive Solar, they won The Netherlands’ largest order for charge poles to date, and in partnership with CityCharge they deliver innovative charging solutions integrated with street lanterns.

Energy Innovators

The energy field is as diverse as it gets. In 2022, our innovators have tackled many challenges - from the individual household to large industrial giants.

Aziobot's autonomous robots have cleaned more than 5 million m2 surface area

Being active in 8 countries now, Aziobot’s truly autonomous cleaning robots have covered a surface area of an impressive 5 Million m2, providing a more sustainable, optimized way of providing clean spaces.

InnoEnergy partners with GravitHy to build green iron & steel factory in France

As part of the GravitHy consortium, InnoEnergy and partners deploy 2,2B€ worth of initial investment to build, own and operate their first green iron plant in France. The site is expected to be fully operational in 2027 and will create more than 3,000 new jobs.

Greeniuz launches new website and develops intuitive heatpanel configurator

Greeniuz has launched their new website to share more detailed, easy-to-digest information on their one-of-a-kind solution, making the transition to emission-free heating a simple process. Their intuitive online configurator helps advisors and installers create real-time estimates for the scope and savings of a Greeniuz solution for customers.

Part 3:

Our future

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Battolyser Systems to build 1 Gigawatt hydrogen & electricity storage plant in Rotterdam

Combining green hydrogen production and electricity storage into a single technology, Battolyser Systems announced the plans for their first large-scale production location. The 1 Gigawatt site will be located in the port of Rotterdam.

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