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Towards a clean energy future


A Year in Review

Introduction by Kees Koolen

Reflecting on 2023, it was a year of significant projects and groundbreaking milestones.


We've surpassed the tipping point in the energy transition, and from now on, it will only accelerate. This year marked numerous 'first times', with record-breaking projects and substantial strides in cleantech innovations. This is crucial to stay ahead in this global transition, which is not only about sustainability but also about building the New Economy. Based on clean energy, rather than oil and gas.


Our focus remains unchanged: entrepreneurship, customer-centricity, and steadfast commitment to reliable solutions with the goal of clean energy for everyone. I am proud of our group of 28 companies where over 1000 people contribute every day to a sustainable future.


In 2024, Koolen Industries will celebrate its 5th anniversary. Therefore, we will make an even bigger impact at our annual Summer Event. I warmly invite you to join this inspiring day on June 12, dedicated to the Energy Transition.


With great enthusiasm, I look forward to the new year, where we continue building tomorrow's solutions and realize today's customer projects.

At Koolen Industries, we take action towards building a new economy, based on clean energy and with unprecedented opportunities. Where clean energy and mobility are affordable, attainable, and available for everyone.

About Koolen Industries

We’re driven to make sustainable solutions so good, that they are simply the best choice for people and businesses - more reliable, with a better experience and for a better price than the current alternative.


Koolen Industries has all the hardware, software, and expertise in-house to help people and businesses alike get the most out of their energy system. Whether that’s a one-person household gone green, or one of the country’s largest distribution centers achieving an A+++++ energy rating.













The Year in Numbers

A Year of Firsts

CTP creates Netherlands’ first A+++++ building with Koolen Industries energy system

With our one-stop-shop team, we helped CTP deliver the country's first building with an energy rating of A+++++.

DENS launches the world’s largest mobile battery solution

High-tech company DENS has launched its unprecedented 2.32 MWh energy storage solution, making it the largest mobile battery in the world.

Battolyser Systems completes first flexible electrolyzer application

Battolyer Systems demonstrated the world’s first industrial application of their one-of-a-kind electrolyzer technology at an RWE power plant.

HARDT creates Europe’s longest hyperloop test track

The team at HARDT built Europe’s first full 420m long hyperloop test facility, where all essential technologies including lane switching can be tested.

Project Highlights

From saving substantial amounts of CO2 and reducing energy costs to establishing a revenue model based on clean energy for our clients. Dive into some customer stories and projects from the past year.

Innovative mobile thermal storage system for Buhck Gruppe by Kraftblock
Mr. Soekhai's journey towards sustainable living in Haarlem with BeSolar
Balancing Greece’s energy market with Sympower


Last year, 6 group companies collectively raised €227 million—an impressive feat given the current investment landscape. Dive into the investment rounds and insights from Koolen Industries' Chief Investment Officer, Ahmed Afifi.

New Additions to the Group

This year, 4 innovative organizations joined the Koolen Industries group, each one bringing something unique to the customer in their journey towards clean energy.

Koolen Energy Projects

Through a one-stop-shop concept, Koolen Energy Projects assists business clients in turning energy from a cost item into a revenue model.


Vigor supports municipalities, governments, and companies to future-proof cities with its smart Vehicle-2-Grid charging solutions.


The GRID app serves as the central hub for locating operational, available, and affordable charging points nearby. Thanks to GRID's smart technology, drivers always find the optimal choice.


nCharge is a specialist in business charging solutions. From energy scans to placing charging stations and load balancing, nCharge helps its customers get the most out of their charging infrastructure.

Knowledge Bank

A selection of our most popular clean energy resources from 2023


Making Money with HBEs

Do you have commercial EV chargers for charging electric vehicles? Read here how you can make money with Renewable Fuel Units.


Discover the future of bi-directional charging

Bi-directional charging is the way forward, but how does it work exactly, and how far are we from that future?


From expense to revenue model with clean energy: Top tips listed

Top tips from the  most impactful sessions at our 2023 summer event.

Overview Group Company Portfolio

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Project Highlights

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