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Part 5:

Our future

At Koolen Industries, we look toward the future with confidence. Simultaneously, we recognize the urgency to further accelerate the energy transition, making clean energy available, affordable and attainable to everyone.


This calls for collaboration and entrepreneurship because the energy transition is a collective effort.


We are determined to take even bigger strides alongside our customers than in previous years, thereby continuing to construct a new economy based on clean energy.


Summer Event

In 2024, Koolen Industries celebrates its 5th anniversary. Therefore, our summer event on June 12, 2024, promises to be even more spectacular than last year. The event focuses entirely on the opportunities and possibilities of the energy transition. Expect inspiring speakers, workshops led by experts, in-depth exploration of customer cases, and hands-on experiences with operational cleantech solutions. It's tailored for entrepreneurs, energy professionals, policymakers, and tech talents. Taking place at The Green Box cleantech campus in Hengelo.


You won't want to miss this! Secure your spot by pre-registering now


Join the Group

Looking for a change in 2024? Koolen Industries isn't just about leading the clean energy transition – we're about empowering your career journey too. With 28 group companies across a range of innovative cleantech areas, we've got the perfect role for you.


What to expect:

  • Diverse Roles: From engineering to sales and everything in between, our roles are as varied as they are exciting.

  • Impactful Work: Make a real difference in the world of sustainable technology.

  • Growth & Learning: Every role offers new challenges and chances to grow.


So this year, why not join a team that's shaping a greener future? Visit our career page to see the entire offering. Can’t find what you are looking for? Send us an open application.

Ready to turn your energy system into a revenue model? Contact Koolen Energy Projects!

Decarbonize your home

Get started online with solar panels and heat pump solutions from BonGo solar.
Visit one of BeSolar’s stores for in-person energy advice and solutions. From solar panels, till heat pumps, infrared heat panels, airco’s and EV chargers.
Go for a modern, emission-free heating system with Greeniuz.
Last but not least!

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