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Part 1:

Project Highlights

Here’s a selection of the impressive, impactful projects completed by our group in the past year. For both private and business clients.

Buhck Gruppe utilizes own residual heat thanks to Kraftblock's Heat Storage System

Discover how Buhck Gruppe implements Kraftblock's groundbreaking mobile heat storage system to capture residual heat at their production site in Hamburg.


Buhck Gruppe, a waste recycling company, maximized their combined heat and power plant's potential near Hamburg with Kraftblock's innovation. Kraftblock's solution redirected otherwise wasted heat - around 450°C from the CHP engine emission - to their innovative storage unit.


The outcome? Buhck Gruppe achieved nearly 100% savings on fossil fuels, minimized CO2 emissions, and prevented valuable heat loss, marking a crucial step towards a more sustainable future.

Complete solutions for sustainable living: the story of Mr. Soekai

Mr. Soekhai shares his experience as a BeSolar customer. From solar panels to a heat pump, air conditioners, and an electric vehicle charging station: he purchased everything (in phases) from a single store.


Achieving 70% energy savings and accessing real-time energy monitoring via the BeSolar app showcase the value of their comprehensive solutions for sustainable living.

CTPark Amsterdam City most sustainable building of the Netherlands

As of 2025, only electric transport will be permitted to supply Amsterdam’s city center. Recognizing this, CTP has turned this sustainability obligation into a business opportunity by developing Amsterdam's most sustainable logistics center. Koolen Industries is proud to be CTP’s dedicated partner for the total energy system. 


From design to realization and ongoing optimization, we are working together on an energy system that not only works as efficiently as possible but is also a business model in itself.

Smart Grid powers Albert Heijns emission-free transport

The annual Albert Heijn Transport Days at the iconic TT Circuit in Assen were dedicated to zero-emission transportation. Targeting carriers and suppliers, the event showcased the possibilities for transitioning to electric transport.


Apart from procuring electric trucks, having a robust charging infrastructure and adequate power supply for multiple trucks was vital. 


SmartGrid, an energy storage systems provider for Albert Heijn's new distribution center, supplied systems for a charging hub capable of servicing over 25 trucks at the event.


"SmartGrid's battery systems made it possible to power more than 25 electric trucks at TT Assen, despite the limited power connection, ensuring the success of the Albert Heijn Transport Days." Alannah van 't Hoenderdaal, Manager Transport Expertise, Albert Heijn.

The Zilvermeeuw Z9: the Most Sustainable Event Ship in the Netherlands with Super B Lithium Batteries

The Zilvermeeuw Z9 is the first fully electric, sustainable party boat in the Netherlands. This vessel primarily navigates through the National Park de Biesbosch in the Netherlands, making emission-free navigation especially crucial. An added advantage is its remarkably quiet operation, thanks to the electric motor.


Equipped with 324 Nomia lithium batteries from Super B, the party boat boasts a total capacity of over 1.4 MWh, enabling approximately 8 hours of navigation. Overnight, the boat is extensively recharged at the quay to ensure full energy reserves for the following day.


Originally designed to operate on hydrogen, the Z9 transitioned to batteries, partly due to complex regulations. Super B's lithium iron phosphate batteries perfectly aligned with Zilvermeeuw's safety and sustainability principles after a thorough evaluation of eight suppliers.


Super B's batteries guarantee zero emissions and offer an ultra-modern, quiet, and environmentally conscious solution. The Z9 sets a new benchmark for maritime sustainability, promising a green future for both people and the environment."

Do you have a clean energy challenge?

We have the solution!

Sympower creates new revenue model for Greek companies

Sympower, as Greece's pioneering independent aggregator, secures a groundbreaking 37MW capacity with leading Greek industries, offering a lucrative gateway for local businesses amid fluctuating energy prices. 


By pooling energy flexibility from various sectors, Sympower stabilizes the grid while enabling Greek companies to access new revenue streams. 


Their role as a market leader highlights their commitment to revolutionizing the Greek energy sector. Leveraging their AI-powered platform, Sympower unites diverse industries like metal production and e-mobility, ensuring grid stability while aiding Greek businesses in optimizing energy earnings. 


“Going live in Greece is both an achievement for Sympower and the country’s energy sector. I am extremely grateful for the support from Greece’s major industries, who have placed immense trust in the expertise of myself and the rest of the Sympower Team. We want to continue establishing our presence in the market, and help businesses earn more for their energy” Kostas Athanasopoulos, Sympower’s Greece Commercial Manager said.

Proton Ventures leads the way in ammonia energy solutions with projects in Morocco

Explore how Proton Ventures' ambitious green ammonia production and storage projects in Morocco significantly impact the European energy transition and climate objectives.


These projects involve engineering and establishing an ammonia production facility capable of producing 25 MWh of ammonia fuel from clean electricity every 24 hours. Additionally, Proton Ventures will design and construct two refrigerated ammonia storage tanks, with a combined storage capacity of 62.5 million kWh.


Dive into the full article to comprehend the crucial role of projects like these in the energy transition and how Proton Ventures leads the way in its field

Solar Innovation for Historic Properties

Great news for owners of historical buildings in the Netherlands. The guidelines for installing solar panels have been eased in 2023.


"I knew that NovaVolt installed solar power systems on challenging roofs. When I heard they have their own roofers, the choice became even easier. I had one contact throughout the entire process," said the owner of this stunning property in Etten-Leur.


At this location, NovaVolt installed a 22-panel solar power system. They developed a specialized plan suitable for the bitumen roof that also gained approval from the Architecture Review Board. This system not only meets today's energy needs but also anticipates future demands. The customer chose a system that can be expanded limitlessly, such as with a charging station or energy storage.


NovaVolt's team specializes in installing solar panels on unique roofs, ensuring no roof is left uncovered in the Netherlands' energy transition.


Witness the installation on this property in Etten-Leur with your own eyes

Volvo Group Truck Center and Floading join forces for sustainable mobility in the Randstad region

Volvo Group Truck Center, a leader in heavy-duty electric transportation solutions in the Randstad, facilitates an easy transition to electric transport for its customers. Alongside a comprehensive selection of electric vehicles and trucks, they have partnered with Floading to assist clients in their shift toward electric transportation.


Volvo Group Truck Center has also invested in the installation of Floading's charging infrastructure. "At our facilities, AC and DC charging stations have been installed to charge electric trucks and commercial vehicles, partly utilizing power generated by solar panels at various locations. We aim to share our expertise and insights with our customers, demonstrated in action at our sites."


Floading specializes in EV charging solutions and aids Volvo's customers with an energy assessment providing insights into potential charging infrastructure on their premises, alongside assistance with installation and utilization of charging stations.

Realization of biggest Agri-PV park in the Netherlands

Agriculture and solar farms - how do you make it work? The solar park in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, is a prime example! The Agri-Photovoltaic (Agri-PV) project uses an agricultural area for two things: While shade crops can be grown on the ground, electricity is produced at the same time using solar energy. An additional benefit of the panels is that they can protect the plants against hail, frost, and drought damage.


Over the past 2 years, we've collaborated with numerous partners and stakeholders on the realization of our Agri-PV Energy Park Bijsterhuizen.


Project specifications:

  • 32,211 solar panels installed

  • With a table height of just under 2.5 meters and 1.05 meters between rows, the park can be completely cultivated

  • In the first year, approximately 18.7 GWh of solar energy is generated

Greeniuz Provides Sustainable Heat and Comfort for Office Employees in Barendrecht

The entrepreneur of an office building in Barendrecht sought a comfortable electric primary heating solution for their premises. The existing solar panel installation already catered to the power supply for the current electric air conditioning heating. However, employees found this warmth uncomfortable.


Greeniuz, a producer and supplier of high-quality, high-efficiency infrared heat panels, equipped the premises with 100 heat panels (60x60cm) in the existing suspended ceilings, along with an additional 14 heat panels (60x90cm) in the restaurant area. The entire installation was completed within 3.5 days.


Project Specifications:

  • Year Built: 2009

  • Office Space: 550 m2

  • Total Installed Capacity: 24,000 W

  • Estimated Energy Consumption: 19,000 kWh

  • Investment: € 45,000.00

  • Payback time: 5.9 years


The client expresses immense satisfaction with the new system. Employees experience comfortable warmth, the company optimizes its self-generated energy, resulting in cost savings and a reduction in CO2 emissions - a triple win!

WattEV and Ampcontrol joining forces for EV charging hubs in California

This year, WattEV and Ampcontrol joined forces to launch the largest EV charging hub at the Port of Long Beach. WattEV offers 'Trucking-as-a-Service' to middle-mile transport companies, providing access to an electric truck and EV charging infrastructure for a monthly fee, covering insurance, maintenance, etc. This simplifies the transition to electric transportation for these companies.


By leveraging Ampcontrol's charging management software to charge their electric fleets and monitor operations 24/7, WattEV ensures high charger uptime and a seamless experience for their trucking partners. WattEV's use case requires high power needs and unique software needs, all of which Ampcontrol has been able to efficiently address. 


Ampcontrol's charging management software includes instant error notifications, real-time monitoring, and global support, ensuring reliability and optimal performance for the evolving electric trucking industry.

Battolyser systems proves industrial operation of Battolyser together with RWE

In May Battolyser System installed their industrial demonstration Battolyser unit at RWE Magnum powerplant in the Eemshaven. The system has been tested to prove it could switch on and off safely.


Conventional electrolysers cannot switch on and off, as they create explosive gas crossover mixtures and damage the electrodes due to reversed potentials. A Battolyser does not have these issues, as it holds charged electrodes, allowing it to be operated like a battery.


Conventional electrolysers produce black hydrogen when there is not enough sun or wind energy.  A Battolyser can switch off or sell back to the grid at these times. Good for the business case, grid congestion and the environment!

Deftpower enables 1 million monthly charging session for ANWB

The collaboration between Deftpower and ANWB marks a significant milestone in the eMobility sector. ANWB now hosts one of the largest Mobility Service Providers in Europe, reaching 150,000 EV drivers through the Deftpower platform. 


This partnership grants drivers access to an app enabling the use of over 500,000 charging points across Europe, ensuring a seamless and cost-effective charging experience.


ANWB gains full control over data, tariffs, and relationships with charging point operators, positioning itself as a digital flagship for energy services. 


With Deftpower, we see a technology partner that could offer ANWB the agility required in a rapidly changing eMobility market," shared Electric Charging Program Manager, Sven Schutte.


The alliance enhances ANWB's brand loyalty and offers drivers flexible subscription options and rates based on consumed kWh. This strategic collaboration lays the foundation for an improved ecosystem for electric vehicle charging.

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