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Part 3:

New Group Companies

Over the past year, we've welcomed 4 new companies into our group. Each one contributes to Koolen Industries' ambition to make the overall energy systems of both commercial and residential customers more sustainable.

Koolen Energy Projects

Delivers commercial energy projects with a one-stop-shop approach.


Starting as an expert in commercial solar rooftops and growing into a project organization for complete clean energy systems. Through a one-stop-shop concept, Koolen Energy Projects assists customers in turning energy not into a cost but into a revenue model. This is done in close collaboration with other companies within the Koolen Industries group.


Vigor provides robust charging solutions to municipalities, governments, and businesses to future-proof cities with intelligent charging solutions.


With its unique vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology, Vigor - in close collaboration with WeDriveSolar - leads in V2G and bi-directional charging. 


Vigor develops, manufactures, and tests its charging stations in Hengelo at cleantech campus, The Green Box.


A common challenge for (PH)EV drivers is finding a charging station near their destination and, more importantly, a charging station that is functional, available and has sufficient power output. That’s why it’s GRID's mission is to make on-the-go charging as easy as possible for users!


Thanks to GRID’s technology you can save time searching for a suitable charging station and spend that time on what's important to you. The app tailors its service to your personal preferences, ensuring a seamless charging journey wherever you go.


nCharge is a specialist in business charging solutions and operates brand-independently. As a result, nCharge is capable of delivering robust charging infrastructure for any situation.


A team of highly experienced specialists assists corporate clients from energy scans to the installation of charging stations and load balancing. All of these aspects are fully integrated into the broader energy system, ensuring future-proof solutions.

Part 4:


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