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Part 4:


A selection of our most popular clean energy resources from 2023.

Calculate how much you can earn with renewable fuel units (HBE’s)?

Does your business have charging stations where cars, vans, and trucks are charged daily? If so, read on to discover the potential additional income you can generate with HBEs. 


Renewable fuel units (HBE - 'hernieuwbare brandstof eenheid'), are certificates received when providing charging electricity to transport. These certificates are tradable and have a market price, and by selling them you can earn up to 1,500 euros annually per double AC charging station, depending on the circumstances.

Discover the future of bi-directional charging in Vigor’s whitepaper

Bi-directional charging is the way forward, but how does it work exactly, and how far are we from that future? Vigor, in partnership with We Drive Solar, presents a whitepaper revealing the remarkable capabilities of bi-directional charging. This empowers electric vehicles (EVs) not just to receive but also to contribute energy to the grid, effectively becoming mobile energy reservoirs. 


V2G takes this further, allowing EVs to intelligently manage energy demand, reducing peak loads, and bolstering grid stability. Dive into concepts like Vehicle-to-Home (V2H), Vehicle-to-Building (V2B), and more, broadening energy applications. Discover the advantages of grid stability, cost savings, and sustainable energy integration. 


Embark on a journey with Vigor and We Drive Solar towards this bi-directional future, revolutionizing the role of EVs. Download their whitepaper for insights into an efficient and sustainable energy paradigm.

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Part 5:

The Future

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Benefit from the learnings and tips shared by the Summer Event speakers

Last June, we hosted our first Koolen Industries Summer Event. It was a magnificent day with 450 attendees and enthusiastic feedback!


We've condensed the key tips and insights from the experts so that those who couldn't attend can also benefit from the tips and insights.


This year, on June 12, we're organizing another cleantech event featuring esteemed speakers and experts from our group and beyond. Pre-registration is now open!

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